Staying Hydrated At Work — Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding

Tips to Stay Hydrated When Working Outside of the Home

It’s tough to stay hydrated but what’s even tougher is staying hydrated while working. Hydration, though, is an important part of overall health so make it a priority even when working. Here are some tricks for staying hydrated at work followed by information on why hydration is so important.

Time Yourself. Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding suggests drinking between ½-1 ounce per pound daily. Figure out how much ½ of that is and get a water container about half that size. Fill it out like the one below and refill it at lunch. This strategy helps you pace your drinking throughout the day and is far less daunting than thinking about the total amount for the day. This is a great tip for staying hydrated at work.

Staying Hydrated At Work With A Market Water Jug

Pace Yourself. One complaint Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding hears from patients is that when increasing hydration they also an increase trips to the restroom. While there is no set amount of time between drinking and expelling one thing is for certain: drinking a larger amount more quickly will cause frequent urges. Sipping throughout the day more slowly means more absorption and fewer trips to the restroom. You’ll drink more and be on your way to staying hydrated at work if you don’t get frustrated with all of those restroom runs.

Use The Trip To Sip. Staying hydrated at work doesn’t have to start at 9 a.m. Whether you’re in the car or on the train, use your commute to hydrate. As hard as it can be, start by swapping out that cup of coffee for water.

Make Water The Easiest Drink To Reach. If you keep drinks in your office, only keep water in your fridge or on the counter. You’re more likely to grab what’s close than seek out coffee, soda, or other drinks. Share a break room or lounge? Use a refillable container like the one pictured in #1 and keep it right where it is in your line of site in the fridge.

Consider The Temperature. Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding recommends tracking the temperature at which you drink the most water. Freezing cold water, while refreshing, can cause those with sensitive teeth to cringe. Many people find that room temperature water is what gets them to drink the most. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Squeezes and Straws. A little flavor can go a long way. If you find water bland, Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding suggests you keep lemon slices or lime wedges on hand and give your water a little pep. Also: many people report they drink more when using a straw. Consider trying it out to see if you notice a difference in your goal of staying hydrated at work.

Word of Mouth. Teamwork makes the dream work. Tell colleagues, your assistant, your boss — whomever — that you are trying to stay better hydrated. You’ll find that people will support you and, even better, be inspired. It’s easier to pass up that soda at lunch when everyone is focused on staying hydrated at work.

If It’s Not Going To Be Water Make It Count. If you’re going to pass on a glass of water for something else, try to make sure it is something that is hydrating. Sometimes you want bubbles, so choose unsweetened (even artificially) seltzer over soda to get your fix. Chilly day? Grab a delicious herbal tea instead of coffee or cocoa. Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding reminds us that juice and soda are two of the worst things you can drink so try to avoid them except for a very rare treat.

Why Does Dr. Christine Ren Fielding Think Staying Hydrated at Work is Important?

Hydration keeps every part of your body running optimally, fights fatigue, and keeps you healthier. Considering the amount of time the average American spends at work (including the commute), it’s an easy time to get dehydrated. Minor dehydration causes headaches, sleepiness and other productivity-killing symptoms. Staying hydrated at work can actually help you perform better and more quickly.

Hydration also aids in every major life function, like sweating, tearing, digestion and elimination. A lack of hydration can make your systems more sluggish and limit the amount of fighting your body can do. Be sure to focus on staying hydrated at work so that you can reap the benefits of a hydrated body.

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