What people think of Dr Christine Ren Fielding

Dr. Ren Fielding is AMAZING. First impression: professional, knowledgeable, caring… My impressions have only improved. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. It is so scary to undergo this process. You will feel a hundred times better if you know you are in experienced, capable hands.

She made me comfortable enough to ask as many questions as I wanted and was sensitive to include my husband in the discussion and ask how he felt about everything. She made me feel comfortable on the day of surgery and afterwards also.

Caring, professional and a Dr very confident in what she does. Her office staff is GREAT!!! supportive, helpful, concerned, caring and friendly… She spoke very freely and honestly of all the pros and cons and I enjoy that very much… Surgical competence and bedside manner are great.

I like her very much! The office staff has been great, I haven’t met anyone that I haven’t liked so far. They do very close follow-up, no slacking off. She’s one of the Best and has one of the Best in her practice with her in Dr. [George] Fielding so 2 top notch surgeons under one roof!

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Diabetes – Costly and Dangerous

One of the main risks associated with obesity is type 2 diabetes, a serious and costly disease. A recent report from the American Diabetes Association estimated that the cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States 2012 was $245 billion, including $176 billion in direct medical costs and $69 billion in reduced productivity. And costs […]

Large Trial Results: Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery has benefits beyond weight loss. It often improves many weight-related  health problems, and has been shown to be especially effective at improving type 2 diabetes. Now, new research shows that it can help patients control their diabetes for years after surgery.  The landmark STAMPEDE (Surgical Treatment And Medications Potentially Eradicate Diabetes Efficiently) trial […]

Dr Fielding on Dr Oz Show

Dr Christine Ren Fielding was featured on the Dr Oz show, along with Dr George Fielding. They were invited to be on the show to discuss the lap band, specifically its use in lower BMI patients. Although many associate bariatric surgery with a treatment for patients with over 100 pounds to lose, it is an […]

Is There an Alternative to BMI?

Most of our patients are familiar with Body Mass Index (BMI). It is the most commonly used measurement of body size, but it is not a perfect indicator of obesity or risk. Because BMI is a measurement that uses only a person’s height and weight, it doesn’t account for other factors such as body composition. […]

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