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Mindful Food Preparation: How Healthy Becomes High Calorie

When you are working toward weight loss, it’s important to consider all your calorie sources. Food journals are beneficial for tracking everything from beverages to condiments. It’s just as important to track the details of food preparation. This blog post by Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding demonstrates how a healthy food that you prepare at home can […]

Coconut Oil: Not as Healthy as You Think

Coconut Oil is Just as Unhealthy as Butter and Beef Fat Weight loss is a difficult process.  For many dieting is the worst part of it.  It requires commitment, self-discipline and planning. Some people require additional help through professional counseling and nutritional guidance.  Because dieting is so challenging, it’s tempting to get caught up in […]

How Much Exercise Does it Take to Burn Off Your Favorite Foods?

When you’re working toward weight loss, every calorie counts. Keeping a food journal is an excellent first step if your goal is to shed excess weight. But, tracking calories is only part of the equation. You can balance your daily calories through exercise and other physical activity. Considering that balance can be very helpful for […]

The Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming — Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding

Fitness trackers are great for monitoring your daily activities and estimating how many calories you burn. Most fitness trackers have pedometer features to measure the number of steps you take and the distance you travel. This data can be useful for pushing yourself to become more active. There are also specialized fitness trackers for various […]