More Healthy Food Swaps for Breakfast

Everyone has their own taste, and that’s no different when it comes to weight loss. Eating healthy does not have to limit your meals to boring, bland choices. Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding says that people are more likely to eat better if they enjoy the food. In this article, she presents more ways to swap out unhealthy picks yet satisfy cravings.  See more ideas here.

Breakfast Food Swaps for Weight Loss

Many people believe they eat better throughout the day if they make good choices at breakfast. But every so often, a cheesy omelette and hash browns sounds all too tempting. Or, a particularly stressful morning at work is accompanied by a box of doughnuts.

  • Swap your latte for a cup of black coffee to reduce your calorie intake at breakfast.Sweet, Warm and Fruity – Believe it or not, this sweet and delicious breakfast is good for you. Use your favorite type of milk and switch out the berries depending on the season.
  • Coffee Fix – Café-goers know that some coffee drinks contain a surprising amount of sugar and fat. If you love your coffee, be bold and go for black. Become an aficionado and explore dark roasted Arabicas and Ethiopian beans. Try sweetening with a pinch of cinnamon instead of sugar, and use low-fat milk if you must.
  • Hits the Savory Spot – Instead of a egg sandwich loaded with cheese and meat, try an open face sandwich like this. It is simple and delicious. Swap out spinach for the arugula and add other vegetables if you wish.
  • Make-Ahead Veggie and Black Bean Burrito – This healthy and delicious breakfast burrito can be frozen ahead of time and taken to go. Use low-fat cheese and stay full all morning at work.
  • Reach for Fruit, Not Juice – One reliable breakfast swap is to eat a whole piece of fruit rather than a glass of juice. For example, an orange contains more fiber and much less sugar than its juiced version.

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