How To Fit In Doing Cardio At The Gym: Etiquette Notes From Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding

Cardio etiquette for the gym

When getting your sweat on you’ll be pretty solitary but there are still rules to follow.

Gym Etiquette for the Cardio Room or Area

Cardio is where your heart gets pumping and the sweat starts. Whether your gym has a room or just an area for machines, here are the rules that will keep things going.

Leave room for your neighbors. The gym is a place for exercise and many people get into their own heads during a workout. When selecting a cardio machines always leave one empty machine between you and other exercisers. Don’t choose the machine next to someone else.

Wipe down your machine. You may not think of it when doing cardio, especially on a treadmill where you don’t touch the machine much. But your hands are on the rails and the controls. Use a wipe or spray bottle and rag to thoroughly mist and rub the machine.

Volume control is always appreciated. While you and most others may have in earbuds other people prefer to workout without music, podcasts or audiobooks. No one expects you to be silent but as a general rule your music should not be so loud that someone could hear it next to you. Never talk on the phone, use your external speaker or sing while on a cardio machine.

Follow sign up procedures and time limits. Gyms that are very crowded and in larger cities often have a clipboard to sign up for cardio machines. They also often include a time limit. Sign up, no matter how busy it is. If no one signs up after you feel free to keep up your run however if someone comes after your time is up, be sure to immediately start your cool down so that you’re not hogging the machine.

Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding, NYU Langone Weight Management ProgramBeing on your best behavior at the gym by following gym etiquette will boost your confidence and keep everyone happy. Check out our posts on how to handle the:

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