What people think of Dr Christine Ren Fielding

Dr. Ren Fielding is AMAZING. First impression: professional, knowledgeable, caring… My impressions have only improved. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. It is so scary to undergo this process. You will feel a hundred times better if you know you are in experienced, capable hands.

She made me comfortable enough to ask as many questions as I wanted and was sensitive to include my husband in the discussion and ask how he felt about everything. She made me feel comfortable on the day of surgery and afterwards also.

Caring, professional and a Dr very confident in what she does. Her office staff is GREAT!!! supportive, helpful, concerned, caring and friendly… She spoke very freely and honestly of all the pros and cons and I enjoy that very much… Surgical competence and bedside manner are great.

I like her very much! The office staff has been great, I haven’t met anyone that I haven’t liked so far. They do very close follow-up, no slacking off. She’s one of the Best and has one of the Best in her practice with her in Dr. [George] Fielding so 2 top notch surgeons under one roof!

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