Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding on The Best Fitness Tracker

Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding helps patients lose weight and improve their lives through weight loss. It’s not simply weight loss surgery, though. Dr. Ren-Fielding believes that bariatric surgery is just one step in a journey toward health. As a doctor she counsels patients on other parts of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition and hydration. She also guides patients toward incorporating fitness into their lives.

What is the Best Fitness Tracker?

Choose the best fitness tracker for your needs.There are many fitness trackers: wearable devices, smartphone apps and even analog methods like journals. Which one is the best? Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding believes that the best fitness tracker is, quite simply, the one that you use.

Yes, it’s that easy! No matter what your budget or preference, selecting a fitness tracker that you incorporate into your daily life is the way to make sure yours is the best.

How To Incorporate Fitness Tracking

Dr. Christine Ren-Fielding knows that it can be tough to start new habits. Here are three tips for how to get started tracking your fitness without feeling overwhelmed.

Start with one thing. Instead of trying to track all the data at once, start small by selecting one area of fitness to start on.

  • Analog: use a bullet journal to track how many days you get in a 30 minute walk.
  • App: Track steps or hydration.
  • Wearable: Track steps or flights climbed (start with the goal of 2 a day).

Leave a note. Do you forget to bring your lunch or lose your keys regularly? It’s okay. But you’re more likely to have trouble getting started with keeping track of your health. Leave a note, set a reminder on your phone or ask someone to be your accountability buddy. A simple text, alert or other reminder to get your steps, drink your water, or get walking goes a long way!

Find a partner. When two people have the same goal and trust each other the opportunity for success is amplified. Instead of meeting for breakfast or lunch or a cocktail, find a friend who is willing to meet for a walk, game of basketball or other sport, or to go to the gym. Trouble matching schedules or agreeing on your activity? Simply text each other your goal for the day each morning and then reminders, updates, encouragement and congratulations when you accomplish them! The best fitness tracker could be a person.

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